Monday, July 1, 2019

Devil's Food Cake

Filmmaker Andrew Pritzker brings a background in comedy and writing to the silver screen, having previously edited Punchline Magazine, a humorous publication distributed in Boston and New York. Pritzker parlayed his creative skills into a Master's in Film at USC Cinematic Arts, and his top-flight education is clearly evident in Devil's Food Cake.

The story involves a waitress working a lonely diner on a cold Ozark night. Right at closing time, a handsome and suave man walks in the door demanding service, and after quickly sizing him up she almost swears he's the devil himself.

A ride in his car after her old pickup breaks down only adds fuel to the fire, and by the time she gets home the fear in her soul is hotter than Hades. Now she must take action, but she's only one woman against one very ominous being. There's nothing funny about her predicament now.

You can watch the trailer here: Devil's Food Cake