Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Am Somebody

With an all-star cast that includes Hollywood legend Ernest Borgnine, Theresa Russell, Timothy Bottoms, Christopher Atkins, Olivia Hussey, Danny Trejo and many others, I Am Somebody: No Chance in Hell is a compelling and powerful look at race and injustice in the Wild West frontier of the 1870s.

Auteur Aki Aleong is one of New Hope Film Festival's many American filmmakers, and he's no beginner to the world of filmmaking, having amassed an impressive career over more than 50 years as a producer, actor, writer, singer and activist. If you love films with substance, a strong sense of social relevance, fine historical details and of course excellent directing, acting and cinematography, you need to watch I Am Somebody: No Chance in Hell. I'll say this, too: there's plenty of chance in hell that this film will delight and inspire audiences.

Here's the trailer: I Am Somebody

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Announcing U.S. Premiere: The Dispensables

Films hardly get more sensitive and wonderful than The Dispensables, the remarkable true-life story of debut filmmaker Andreas Arnstedt. Already a famous television actor and comedian in his native Germany, Arnstedt took a brave step when he decided to produce his first movie; foundations and powers-that-be simply didn't want anything to do with a raw and honest look at poverty and child abuse in post-war Germany.

But Arnstedt has many friends, as evidenced by the gifted actors and filmmakers he assembled for this underground project. The results are groundbreaking: The Dispensables shatters many perceptions of how Germany should be portrayed in film.

Parental discretion is advised for this trailer: The Dispensables

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Interviewed on Comcast Newsmakers

Thanks to Comcast Corporation, an Official Sponsor of New Hope Film Festival, I've had the opportunity to give television and web viewers a chance to learn more about our first annual festival through an interview with Comcast Newsmakers's Jill Horner.

If you live in the Bucks County area, you'll see the segment on Comcast Headline News at various times until the festival. You can also watch the interview on YouTube: Comcast Newsmakers Interview

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Buzz in the Press: Resident Media Pundit

Few commentators in the blogosphere match's Greg Robson, a mainstream media reporter on Long Island who runs a website in his spare time, for coverage of what's hot and happening in the indie music, film and book worlds. Robson recently interviewed NHFF's Executive Director - Submissions, Tom Mulligan, and has posted excerpts from the interview plus insights into our festival on RMP.

You can check what he's saying here: RMP Story