Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Way

This wonderfully inspiring documentary begins with the conventional "small-town girl livin' in a lonely (corporate) world" motif. Yet instead of taking the midnight train, Rebekah Starr, the film's Executive Producer and Co-Lead Actor, trades her pantsuit for a Les Paul, grabs her sassy, Estonian, tambourine-banging sidekick, and hits the highway—destination: Sunset Strip.

Then Starr's marriage falls apart, and we realize that her dream is much more than a youthful whim. It's a burning passion for music that comes with its share of real world sacrifices. Thanks to support from newfound rock'n roll legend friends such as Steven Adler (Guns N'Roses) and Rikki Rockett (Poison), Starr commits to her mission and accomplishes what she set out to do. 

My Way speaks to anyone who has a dream but is afraid to pursue it—anyone who feels trapped by circumstances. You can learn more and watch the film's trailer on their website: My Way Website