Thursday, April 26, 2012

Street Journeys

In the heart of Nairobi, where abandoned children wander the streets with no relief from the grim realities of poverty, hope for the future was dim until renowned Kenyan actress Anne Wanjugu restored the children's spirit through the healing power of theater. But when an unexpected event put their resilience to the test, the children were forced to draw on their own strength; they needed to glean lessons of faith, family, and the spirit without their mentor.

The inspiring story of Anne Wanjugu and the former street children who reside at her home in Shangilia Mtoto Wa Africa (Rejoice, Child of Africa) culminates in a triumphant journey from the makeshift stage of a small Nairobi church to the bright lights of Broadway.

Watch the preview here:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ordinary Joe

Joe Sciacca is a beer-swilling, blue-collar roofer and Vietnam vet from Long Island. By all appearances, his life is decent but unremarkable.

Yet complex motives drive him to return to Vietnam, travel its back alleyways, and do something extraordinary for those who've been overlooked. Those who are truly poor, or disabled, and in need of someone who cares.

This is the story of Joe and his journey of hope to a land where he once fought a war—a place where he's fighting for change. You will find the trailer here: Ordinary Joe Trailer

Sunday, April 15, 2012

2012 Lineup

Hey everyone!

Our judges have selected 83 films from 13 countries for this year's 3rd Annual New Hope Film Festival. The remarkable slate of films includes 8 full-length features, 16 documentaries, 30 shorts and 29 student films. The countries represented include: USA, Mexico, UK, Spain, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Mongolia, Chile, Argentina, Singapore, Japan and Turkey.

Although we received more submissions than last year, our judging standards were higher than ever, making this the most competitive year in our history. Watch NHFF's blog for sneak peeks on selected films, then check out the Official Guide for our lineup and schedule. The Guide will be launched in a free, online format on or about June 15th; online ticket sales will be announced shortly thereafter.

Congratulations to all of the filmmakers who submitted their films this year! Anyone who makes a movie is an achiever.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fishing in Esperanza

A journey from civilized chaos
Into the deep rivers of the Amazon jungle,
To a small community called Esperanza,
Where life is still in harmony with nature—
And where a father and son are waiting for 

The fish to bite.

Produced and directed by Anders Flatlandsmo of Norway and filmed in Peru, Fishing in Esperanza is a poetic short film about hope. On different levels, the film tells the story of a filmmaker, a fisherman, and a community as all wait for an incident to take place.

To watch the trailer, you'll need to visit the production company's website, click on Overview, scroll down to the film listing and click Play. Here's a link: Nabis Film Website