Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One Wall: Kings of Coney Island

One Wall: Kings of Coney Island celebrates Coney Island, Brooklyn, summer and athleticism. Given the recent devastation of this area due to Hurricane Sandy, this film stands as a portrait of a neighborhood and a subculture that is swiftly disappearing.

Most people who know central character Joe Durso know the handball legend as a foulmouthed egomaniac -- part Muhammad Ali, part Howard Stern -- a man so scornful and profane that even Lenny Bruce might have blushed at some of the verbal daggers he hurled at the brawny gumbahs who spar with him on the concrete courts on Surf Avenue in Coney Island. Were this former champ just another cocky jock talking trash in the playground, this story might be the tale of a colorful character -- big game, big mouth --- who dominated the quirky world of his sport like none other. But the story is more complex. It is the saga of a gifted, fiercely determined kid who spent 20 years becoming the unchallenged master of his game, the game that defined manhood in the bubbling cauldron of Coney Island.

But the film is also about love: love for the game, love for your fellow man. And that's why first-time director Joe Glickman received so much praise from our audience for his work. You can watch the trailer here: One Wall Trailer

Monday, July 22, 2013

2013 Award Winners

Hey Everyone!

Here are the results from yesterday's exciting awards ceremony. Congratulations to all of our all are winners!!

Lifetime Achievement Award - Christina Crawford

Film Jury Awards

Danny Award, Best Picture - Mad Ship, Canada
   Nominees: Pechorin, Mad Ship, The Assignment, Locomotive, Since I Don't Have You, Legend of
   Love, Sonny Days

Best Director - Khrushch Roman, Russian Federation
   Nominees:  Susan Barry, Matthias Rosenberger, Khrushch Roman, David Yohe, Karl Stieg,
   Tom Megalis, David Mortin

Best Documentary - Out of Print, USA
   Nominees: Surviving Mommie Dearest, Out of Print, Misa's Fugue, 1913 Massacre, Geil of
   Doylestown, All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert, One Wall: Kings of Coney Island

Best Short Film - Spaghetti for Two, Germany
   Nominees: Autumn, Spaghetti for Two, If I Were a Bell, Possum, Refuge, A Family Dinner,

Indie Spirit Award - My Way, USA
   Nominees: No Horizon Anymore, My Way, Locomotive, Legend of Love, Since I Don't Have You,
   Sonny Days, Route 30, Too!, When Time Becomes a Woman

Best Animated Film - Recipe for Love, Canada
   Nominees: The Nature of Things, Recipe for Love

Best Biography - Geil of Doylestown, USA
   Nominees: Misa's Fugue, Geil of Doylestown, Surviving Mommie Dearest, All Me: The Life
   and Times of Winfred Rembert

Artistic Spirit Award - Surviving Mommie Dearest, USA
   Nominees: My Way, Surviving Mommie Dearest, The Assignment, No Horizon Anymore,
   The Risk Factor, The Mercury Cycle

Best Student Film - Sweetly Broken, Czech Republic
   Nominees: Safe, Sweetly Broken, On Becoming a Man, The Road Back, A Flight of Fancy,
   Saving Bella, La Vie en Gris, On Becoming a Man, Sahasi Chori, Mr. Bellpond

Best Adaptation - The Assignment, Canada
   Nominees: Pechorin, The Assignment, Spaghetti for Two

New Hope Award - All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert, USA
   Nominees: Unlikely Friends, Misa's Fugue, Surviving Mommie Dearest, Battle: Change from
   Within, Shell Shocked, All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert, My Way

Cultural Spirit Award - Shell Shocked, USA
   Nominees: GMO OMG, Shell Shocked, Battle: Change from Within, Shell Shocked, Out of Print,
   Misa's Fugue, Dit is Ek (This is Me), Out of the Blue

Best Horror Film - Metamorphosis, USA
   Nominees: Side Effects, Metamorphosis, Kingdom of Shadows

Best Comedy - Sonny Days, USA
   Nominees: Grow Up Already, Sonny Days, Girl Clown, Baggage, Young(ish), Ben & Elaine,
   Vena Amoris

Screenplay Jury Awards

Best Screenplay - Taking the King, USA
   Honorable Mention - The Still Life of Cornelius, USA

Best Narrative Feature - all I ever wanted was EVERYTHING, USA, Costa Rica

Best Short Screenplay - Transhumans, USA

Best Mid-Atlantic Screenplay - Scarlett Sunshine, USA

Best Futuristic Screenplay - PRION, USA

Best Dramatic Screenplay - Halfway Home, USA

Music Video Jury Awards

Best Music Video - Old Coats, USA

Best Pop Video - My Dream Girl, USA

Best Alternative Video - Life in Pictures, Canada

Best Hip Hop Video - Top of My Game, USA, Jamaica

Music Video Cultural Spirit Award - Let Your Light Shine, USA

Best Folk Video - What Are We Waiting For, Canada

Best Inspirational Video - Miracle, Poland

Audience Choice Awards

Best Webisode - Chart Star, Australia

Best Music Video - Miracle, Poland

Best Art House Feature - Since I Don't Have You, USA

Best Documentary - Gamers, USA

Best Short Film - Autumn, USA

Best Student Film - The Mercury Cycle, USA

Best Mid-Atlantic Film - One Wall: Kings of Coney Island, USA