Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One Wall: Kings of Coney Island

One Wall: Kings of Coney Island celebrates Coney Island, Brooklyn, summer and athleticism. Given the recent devastation of this area due to Hurricane Sandy, this film stands as a portrait of a neighborhood and a subculture that is swiftly disappearing.

Most people who know central character Joe Durso know the handball legend as a foulmouthed egomaniac -- part Muhammad Ali, part Howard Stern -- a man so scornful and profane that even Lenny Bruce might have blushed at some of the verbal daggers he hurled at the brawny gumbahs who spar with him on the concrete courts on Surf Avenue in Coney Island. Were this former champ just another cocky jock talking trash in the playground, this story might be the tale of a colorful character -- big game, big mouth --- who dominated the quirky world of his sport like none other. But the story is more complex. It is the saga of a gifted, fiercely determined kid who spent 20 years becoming the unchallenged master of his game, the game that defined manhood in the bubbling cauldron of Coney Island.

But the film is also about love: love for the game, love for your fellow man. And that's why first-time director Joe Glickman received so much praise from our audience for his work. You can watch the trailer here: One Wall Trailer