Thursday, June 27, 2019

Signs of Aging

When a skincare salesperson makes a house call to pitch her line of anti-aging creams, she ends up alone in the living room with a woman who appears remarkably youthful for her age. The sales tactic had already been a little offensive with the emphasis on using a beauty product to improve one's reputation for competence, but as the two women converse things get downright creepy.

Director Tara Gadomski, a Philadelphia-based filmmaker and 2019 Sundance Knight Fellow, uses lighting and color design in subtle ways to play with the theme of appearance versus worth, and when added to the film's haunting undertone her cinematic choices demonstrate how a visual narrative can drive a story—whether it's the story in a film or one created in someone's mind.

You can read more about Signs of Aging in The News Eagle and you can watch the trailer here: Signs of Aging Trailer