Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Another Yesterday

This heartwarming story concerns three high school misfits who collectively form a stronger clique than any tormenters they face possibly could in their immature states—and the schoolyard bullies are in out in full force. There is much to be said for understanding and appreciating differences while finding common ground, and the deep bond among these otherwise outcast teens is palpable.

Director Steven Heil brought considerable experience to the set of Another Yesterday, having directed five productions that won recognition in national competitions while pursuing undergraduate studies at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, and most recently having won competitive selection to Hollywood's uberrespected Creative Minds in Sundance program. Heil's craftsmanship shows in many ways, from the outstanding performances he gets from the cast across the board, to the artful shots and the appropriate score. It's all there, distributors take note.

Someone watching the film critically might note the ultra-low budget, but who really cares about such trifles when the story draws you in so close to the characters and everything is oh-so-real? You can watch the trailer here: Another Yesterday Trailer