Sunday, June 9, 2019

Ek Aasha

Some films touch you and some films entertain, but sometimes a film has a strong mission for effecting change. This is one of those films.

Ek Aasha translates to "One Hope," and the hope of the Indian and Australian transgender activists behind this film is to raise awareness about the human rights crisis that currently exists among transgender people in India. We encountered the issue firsthand after learning that lead actress Disha Yadav (Aasha) could not make the journey to New Hope and see her performance on a festival screen due to legal identity issues for her passport—she is more or less trapped inside her own country at the moment. Imagine living that kind of life.

It gets worse. Transgenders in India are rampantly discriminated against, say these filmmakers, and frequently find themselves driven into prostitution instead of pursuing their vocational dreams because doors to mainstream occupations are slammed in their faces. This film is well worth watching. The story centers around a transgender girl's aspiration to become a teacher. It's a simple and honorable wish that most people on the planet could easily take for granted.

Writer and director Mayur Katariya, producer Jasmine Evans, Stas Solodkin in India Sound post-production and cinematographer Dean Lusk, among many others, all working through Melbourne, Australia's MOR Films production company, have a big heart and a sense of urgency because they know many transgenders will continue to suffer until enough people are stirred up and these dire circumstances are corrected.

You can watch the trailer here: Ek Aasha Trailer