Friday, July 5, 2019

Anthonisen Sculptor

Hunterdon County, New Jersey documentarian Tom Spain describes his film as a love story, and the sentiment comes in two forms: the 53-year bond between Bucks County sculptor George Anthonisen and his wife Ellen, and more cheekily, a slow-burning passion for sensual art.

Sculptures, frescos, chisels, hammers and easels are draped throughout this true artisan's film like a canvas, inviting but not insisting upon admiration. Attention to the finest of details, celebration of the human form and an aura of warmth would be other ways to describe the art of this film. Anyone who deeply appreciates sculpture—the type of person who can get lost within a masterpiece at a museum—will absolutely love it.

Love. Some people find it, some never do, but when you do what you love for a living and your beloved spouse supports you just about every step of the way, well, that may be as good as it gets here on Earth. Anthonisen Sculptor screens at Phillips Mill Community Center, a Bucks County institution long known for its promotion of serious and accomplished artists.

You can watch the trailer here: Anthonisen Sculptor Trailer