Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Epic Quest

Enter the fantasy within a fantasy world of Epic Quest and witness a video game that can't be played—but one that is nevertheless played by real actors. Director Chelsea Goodman is an independent filmmaker and film technician from Vancouver, British Columbia. She earned her Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts at Capilano University before earning experience in set decorating and props, and she needed the entire background to successfully pull off such an unconventional project.

As for the story, world-weary bar maiden Alys, the heroine of the story, has quite the extended work day ahead when her sister Thea is kidnapped during a bar fight. The Kingdom of Riverstone is a perilous land where magic and fighting are the norm; she sure could use someone's help while hunting for dark knights in the forest. Enter Sevrin, the Magnificent Mage, but he's a complete stranger. She might be better off alone.

Goodman makes great use of her prop and set design skills in this wryly comedic web series pilot. Webisodes are rarely this elaborate, and the game theme adds an interactive element, lending a sense of trapped-on-the-sidelines helplessness as the action unfolds. Her inventive pairing of short film and fantasy game is interesting and great fun.

You can watch the trailer here: Epic Quest Trailer