Saturday, June 5, 2021

Life on Pause

In this cheeky short by Morristown, New Jersey-based filmmaker Steven Lifshey, a 1980's-era wedding videographer cannot shake a college crush despite getting his career off to a rocking start. Mired in bitter, unrequited love, this rather disturbed guy only has one, sure way to rectify her callous brushoffs and putdowns and gain back his battered self-esteem. 

Best of all, good karma makes her, now a bridezilla and diva par excellence, the agent of her own recompense. Of course, feeling invincible, she hires the same bachelor she rejected over and over again to be her wedding photographer—to record the best day of her life for all eternity, and to emblazon the romantic rival with whom she is knotting herself in every, eternal frame. 

What could possibly go wrong? You can watch the trailer here: Life on Pause