Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Killing Time

A woman who lives in a remote mountain home is followed home during her daily run. Whoever or whatever is stalking her, it's wearing full black camouflage. She enters her home, unaware, but a creaking door alerts her that something is wrong. She calls out and there's no answer.

And this is no ordinary stalker. The figure in her house has gone to great trouble to get there and it has a burning sense of urgency. A theoretical physicist, she normally can think her way through any problem, but this time may be different; her visitor has chosen this moment exactly.

Writer and Director P. Patrick Hogan has accomplished much since earning his MFA at USC Cinematic Arts, with numerous awards and nominations to his credit, and this spine-tingling short utilizes all of his experience with a combination of plot and atmosphere that will set his audience on edge.   

You can watch the trailer here: Killing Time