Monday, June 21, 2021

Hungry Ghosts

Set on some of the meanest, most drug-infested streets of Philadelphia, this short film zeros in on a family that has been ripped apart by the opioid crisis. Actor/writer/producer Mark Borkowski, a New York City-based filmmaker with ties to eastern Pennsylvania, chose this setting for its crumbling and shadowy aesthetics, and indeed, the mood is haunting. The weird visions of a psychic lady add to an atmosphere of dark, otherworldly forces preying on lead character Frank Duffy and his wife, who has gone missing due to her drug addiction. On top of it all, their son has been left to his own devices due to their actions. 

Imagination and a touch of surreal would be one way to describe this project, and it might be hard to accept such a strange family drama if the subject matter were not so relevant to the times. You can watch the trailer here: Hungry Ghosts