Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Love Song of Charlie Beecher

Charlie is a decent guy, but he's painfully shy, and the latter trait dooms him to the fringes of his high school class—not exactly the ideal resume for asking pretty, popular Kate to the prom. To complicate matters further, class jock Bobby has designs on her, too.

How can Charlie find the mojo he needs to ask out Kate when her expected rejection would assuredly plunge his self-image to new depths? It won't be his pals because, truth be told, he travels in his own orbit. No, he will need to remain true to his personality. Rather than fight his introversion, he must channel it, and for someone who spends a good portion of his life with his nose buried in books, the key to success might just lie within a poem. T. S. Eliot's J. Alfred Prufrock suffered from a similar, debilitating complex, and Charlie will search for his path forward in this literary mirror.

What girl worth having wouldn't love his newfound, poetic heart, after all? And assuredly, if he is indeed the poetic type, he can find the words he needs to ask his crush for a date. The formula is set, but will the two connect, or will Bobby prove he's the more suitable man by taking the risk first?

This delightful and inspiring short by student filmmaker Kyle Hammersmith might leave you reaching for your 20th century anthology. You can watch the trailer here: The Love Song of Charlie Beecher Trailer