Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fabric of Time

Produced for the Boston 48 Hour Film Project, Fabric of Time exemplifies the intrepid spirit of independent filmmaking. Director Sean Foy refers to the experience of making this short as "quite a challenge," and his assertion is beyond dispute. What is quite jarring, however, is the outright quality of his team's result. Producing a film in two days is one kind of accomplishment, but producing one worthy of a film festival screening is an altogether different achievement.

Foy's excellent script has the creativity and tightness one expects from projects that take months, if not years, to carry from start to finish. Co-writers Carlos Aravena, Tedros Haile, Bridget Douillette, Geoff Pennington, Katelyn Willis and Leigh Willis deserve high praise for their ability to deliver so much in so little time, and put together a cohesive throughline with a team of five screenwriters. Cinematically, the film exceeds the 48 hour norm by a country mile.

Time travel and a stable don't normally coexist in one film, but Fabric of Time is all about crafting a work in an unexpected, interesting and odds-defying way. You can watch the trailer here (parental discretion is advised): Fabric of Time Trailer