Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Extra Cheese Please

When Annie throws a surprise birthday party for an exchange student friend, hardly anyone shows up. The friends who do are, well, rather odd and dull. The fun activities Annie had planned are, shall we say, a little weird...but well-intentioned. No one really finger paints past preschool anymore, but she really tried to make things fun. Things are so mucked up, Annie might as well have burned the birthday cake, too.

Yes, Annie feels crushed. Drained. Abandoned. Lost. Then out of nowhere, a minstrel shows up in the form of a pizza delivery guy who speaks in wordplay galore, and although he's an utter fool, he sure can strum a guitar. Suddenly, somehow, hey! Annie has a party!

If you've ever thrown a party and felt stood up, or if you've ever burned the entree at your holiday extravaganza, you know that withering feeling. Filmmaker Teresa Dabback oven baked these moments into her student film with a recipe that includes colorful cinematography, engaging characters and a pinch of Shakespearean farce.

It's all quite tasty, proving once again that comedy is often best delivered extra cheesy. You can watch the trailer here: Extra Cheese Please Trailer