Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Announcing World Premiere: The Journey

Nollywood filmmaker Chineze Anyaene marks herself as the youngest lady in the history of Nigeria to shoot a film on 35mm with her debut, The Journey (Ije). And after witnessing the professional-level craftsmanship and acting, moviegoers will be doubly impressed to learn it was a student final project funded by Port Harcourt, Stella Maris Scholls Abuja Nigeria, Kodak and Panavision. If you're still wondering why we have a Student film category, here's your answer.

The story involves Chioma and her restless sister, Anya, who after growing up in the Nigerian countryside find themselves fighting for justice as Anya is accused of killing three people, one her husband, in a Hollywood Hills mansion. Don't miss the trailer: The Journey (Ije) Trailer