Saturday, June 4, 2022

Mountains We Climb

After nailing a personal best at the 2019 Bucks County Classic professional cycling race, Chris Baccash looked forward to a promising future as an endurance athlete. The hard training and demanding lifestyle were paying off big via personal accomplishments, camaraderie and exceptional fitness. But all the burgeoning success went from flash to crash when he received an unsettling diagnosis. From that point forward, Baccash had much bigger hills to climb—indeed, a mountain, as the title of this documentary says.

A graduate of CB East High School, Director Ryan Canney has roots in the Bucks County area. A homespun, GoPro style of filmmaking, combined with his local affinity, manifests in a film with lots of sentimental appeal. Here is an example of an athlete whose achievements are more impressive than trophies. You can watch the trailer here: Mountains We Climb Trailer