Friday, May 20, 2022

I Mustache You

Poor, dearest Abby. Obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and agoraphobia are aligned against her, quashing her big life-in-New York dream. The city lights, the shopping, and the bustling's all so close yet elusive, huddled as she is inside her modest apartment. She might as well ditch it all and move upstate, or Iowa for that matter, because she's paying all this rent for next to nothing. 

Then something happens. Something exciting, mysterious and yes romantic! She receives an anonymous love letter, and suddenly the magic of the Big Apple is not only possible but alive in her heart. It doesn't matter who wrote the letter or whether they're at all a match. The outside world is suddenly not so frightening, after all, and now she can finally take down this town and show everyone who's on top. 

Filmmaker Shara Ashley Zeiger produced this film entirely MOS (a film biz acronym representing "without sound" in German), and it's a brilliant choice. Abby's inner dialogue is not audible, anyway, and she doesn't need to say a thing to get a little needed help. You can watch the trailer here: I Mustache You Trailer