Sunday, May 17, 2015

The David Dance

Away from the microphone, David is soft-spoken, timid and shy, but as his on-air alias, Danger Dave—the host of "Gay Talk" in Buffalo, New York—he's the prototypical voice of an American talk radio show: on the offensive, brave, witty, and every listener's confidant.

His sister, Kate, is a thrice-divorced banker with a yen for classical music and cats. Together, though outwardly successful and quite fulfilled in their own ways, both siblings suffer from a secret, yet vast, sense of upper middle class doom. They've fallen short of expectations. Their lives have nowhere tangible left to go.

So, when Kate decides to adopt an orphan in Brazil and asks David to be a father figure, they're both pushed to the limit. How will David ever reach his goals and, better yet, self-actualization, with this sudden new burden literally thrown in his lap, and when he has many inner torments of his own? Director Aprill Winney does beautiful work in this searing portrait of a gay man in a complex, evolving world.

You can watch the trailer here: