Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Goodbye

In this delightfully eccentric dramedy, a strange world of characters exists within a screenwriter's mind including, to his amazement, his lost love. She's bent on creating a story of her own, even if it means breaking up his epic ninja fight—all within a script, yet in real life. Things get even more weird from there, but amidst all this mayhem and with events spinning out of the writer's control, there is hope for peace, if only his peace of mind.

Directed by Mike P. Nelson and produced by Brett Andres, Colin Markowitz and Lynn Blumenthal, The Goodbye is a clever flight of fancy that jars the structure of things in a completely askew but relatable way. After watching this film, you might wonder what else an imaginative screenwriter could concoct, and you might even see your own story take shape.

You can watch the trailer here: The Goodbye Trailer