Wednesday, March 9, 2016


In this fine, thought-provoking short by writer and director Camille de Galbert, an actor prepares for the biggest stage of his life. Played by actor Simon Courchel, the eponymous lead brings contrasts both imaginary and real to the fore as he battles himself and the natural world around him.

White makeup that he applies in the dressing room transmorphs into a bizarre pillow mask onstage, hiding his face and smothering him as he languidly dances. His canine companion is white, as is the snow-covered ground, the pillow feathers and cover, contrasting with his black hat, coat and dark room. With so many opposites in the air, metaphorically captured by feathers that defy gravity in massless transcendence, one imagines a battle is taking shape. Is he doomed to join the cold ground, and is that why he wears this cushion? Or will black death actually save him? The ground is covered in white as he falls, defeated, while a dirge plays, suggesting that mortality is indeed a paradox.

The filmmakers describe Simon's passing as a transition from childhood to adulthood, adding that no one is more alone than an actor who enters the stage or a child in the midst of becoming an adult. But much more is hinted in this film, hidden between the notes and surreal images.

You can watch the trailer here: Simon Trailer