Saturday, March 22, 2014


In the midst of the American Civil War, soldiers on both sides have seen things that will haunt them for the rest of their days. But two Union soldiers are more concerned with what's waiting for them back home. Together by chance in the same regiment, they find themselves clashing with more than just their common enemy. 

The production values alone make this period drama an impressive student debut, but there is even more reason to take note. Retreat began as a short story by Pennsylvania teenager Nick Theorin, whose older brother Kurtis adapted it into a screenplay; their brother Kris Theorin, also a teenager, directed and edited the film. They received their funding through a Kickstarter campaign.  

This film is a shining testimony to the dedication and talent of a new generation's emerging filmmakers, who often get things done through their own drive and organizational skills. You can check out the preview here (parental discretion advised): Retreat Trailer