Sunday, March 30, 2014

Five Past Ten

Shot on locations of Lanzarote, Las Canarias (Canary Islands) — in such otherworldly landscapes as Las Salinas Del Janubio, El Golfo, El Lago Verde, Timanfaya, and Puerto Del Carme — this highly atmospheric music video explores themes of home and physical desire through space rock-like musicianship and tectonic, primal imagery of Earth. Director Lara Celenza of Italy incorporates a motif of the American western, as well.  

The inspiration for this NHFF Official Selection is Italian blues rock musician Nico Greco's studio album, Stone Three Home (2013), which he says is all about finding your home, the place where you truly belong. Celenza develops his concept through her deft use of Eastern religious imagery, sunlight, and a broken down, isolated edifice that says less about home as an ideal where you return than it does about a place where you already exist. 

Five Past Ten will be screened with music videos from around the world. You can watch the trailer here: Five Past Ten Trailer