Sunday, May 19, 2013


Corinne, an aging theater actress, wakes to a disastrous review of her latest play and the news that she has not been casted in an upcoming production. Struggling to find meaning in her work, Corinne transforms her apartment into her stage, her theatrical past into her present, and her husband, Chris, into her audience. But her impromptu morning drama is interrupted when a bird crashes into their window. Where Chris finds death, Corinne finds an allusion to Anton Chekhov. 

Student helmer Michael Johnston wrote and produced IRINA during his second year at Temple University's Film & Media Arts Graduate Program with help from a Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association Finishing Funds Grant and a Temple University Completion Grant. Johnston refers to his film as a Christopher Durang-style dramedy, but his characters have the maturity, depth and tension one would expect from a full-out dramatic piece — you can feel the agony in his fragile protagonist.

The trailer is available on their Facebook page (parental discretion advised): IRINA Preview