Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mr. Bellpond

This wonderfully strange and whimsical tale is another example of fine student filmmaking at New Hope Film Festival. Amy and A. Todd Smith co-wrote, produced and directed Mr. Bellpond as a Brigham Young University undergraduate student project, and their institution must be delighted by the outcome.

The main character is consumed with guilt and melancholy after his beloved wife disappears. The only thing that could disturb this once-celebrated playwright's world of sadness? News of his wife's whereabouts, which comes in the form of extortion.

Mr Bellpond must get this information, so he delves into his dark genius, once more, to compose a final masterpiece before the greedy tormenter burns whatever evidence that would lead Bellpond to his wife. 

New Hope Film Festival 2013 will kick off with this film on Friday, July 12. Watch the trailer here: Mr. Bellpond Trailer