Wednesday, April 17, 2013


U game?

Socially awkward Christie Farina takes camera in hand on this journey into the world of fantasy gaming. Go with the filmmaker as she discovers a world of spectacle, imagination, and a touch of eroticism. Gaming culture is on full display here, from national conventions to Live Action Role Play weekends, Dungeons and Dragons tabletop meetings, Society for Creative Anachronism battles, Renaissance festivals, World of War craft events, steam punk parlors, and bad faerie masquerade balls.

Unlike any film about gamers that you've ever seen, Gamers is a sympathetic and endearing look at the world of geeks and fans. This film does not present a hackneyed “nerds are funny” or “losers are sad” message, nor is it a film that says “gamers are people, too.” It's a journey into the imagination. 

Gamers gives voice to an underground subculture that exists all around us. In recognition of its grassroots potential, we're offering a 50% discount on tickets for anyone who shows up in fantasy gamer garb. You can learn more about this high-energy, unapologetic and often fascinating indie at the Gamers Website. 

Watch the trailer here: Gamers Trailer