Monday, July 16, 2012

2012 Award Winners

New Hope Film Fest recognized the following films at our 3rd Annual Awards Ceremony. Top jury awards will be announced through a superbanner on's Film channel from July 30-August 5.

Brush (Shiyan Zheng, Australia)

Jury Awards


Best Picture (Danny Award)

Winner - Brush (Shiyan Zheng, Australia)
Honorable Mention - Dalai Mongol (Levi Chen, Mongolia, USA)
Nominees - Steve Phoenix: The Untold Story, A Rogue in Londinium, The Pact, No One Will Know, The People You Know, Blame It On Immigration

Best Documentary 

Winner - Only a Number (Steve Besserman, USA)
Honorable Mention - Let Us Talk (John Lavall, Sierra Leone, USA)
Nominees - Empire: The Whitewater Story, Street Journeys, Axis of Light, Don't Know, We'll See, From Nomad to Nobody, The Grove

Best Short Film 

Winner - Cluck (Michael Lavelle, Ireland)
Nominees - Can't Dance, The Ballad of Sandeep, La Piece, Not Dark Yet, Kiyumi's Poetry, Little Ones, Grounded

Best Music Video 

Winner - No Head (Gabriella Loutfi, Joyous Noise, Radio Mojo, USA)

Indie Spirit Award 

Winner - Steve Phoenix: The Untold Story (Bill Haley, USA)
Honorable Mention - A Rogue in Londinium (Whitney Hamilton, USA)
Nominees - The Pact, No One Will Know, Halloweenville, 7 Years Underground, For Goodness Shakes!

Artistic Spirit Award

Winner - Empire: The Whitewater Story (Daniel Doran, USA)
Nominees - The Cost of Creativity, Blame It On Immigration, Knocking on the Devil's Door, Anecdote, Grounded, Dalai Mongol

Best Student Film

Winner - Hath No Man (Linus Koh, Australia)
Honorable Mention - Waiting for the Turning of the Earth (David Evan Giles, Australia)
Nominees - Erik Zamani, European Son, Heartland, I Am Alive, Faceless, Heavy

New Hope Award

Winner - Running Through: The Jordan Culbreath Story (A. D. Pearson, USA)
Honorable Mention - Ordinary Joe (Carlo Gennarelli, USA)
Nominees - RETT, YERT, No Greater Pain, The Last Race, Project Hopeful, Run

Cultural Spirit Award

Winner - Let Us Talk (John Lavall, Sierra Leone, USA)
Nominees - Knocking on the Devil's Door, Carbon for Water, No Greater Pain, Broken On All Sides, Heartland, Street Journeys

Bufonesco Award (Best Comedy)

Winner - The Pact (Matt Toronto, USA)
Nominees - For Goodness Shakes!, Chin Up, The Ballad of Sandeep, European Son, Can't Dance, Delivery Boy, Elevator)

Retro Sensation Award

Winner - Strumpet (Wolfgang Lehmkuhl, USA)
Honorable Mention - Black Mask (Filipe F. Coutinho, Portugal, USA)
Nominees - For Goodness Shakes!, Behind the Scenes: Silver Patriot

GLTB Spirit Award

Winner - The Grove (Andy Abrahams Wilson, USA)
Nominees - Anecdote, Little Ones, Times Dances On, Un Buen Hijo 

Best Animated Short Film

Winner - Squeaky Business (Cheryl Cabrera, USA)
Nominees - Ad & Subtract, Elevator

Audience Choice Awards

Best Feature Film - Dalai Mongol (Levi Chen, Mongolia, USA)
Best Documentary - Dancing on a Volcano (Gary Merz, Chile, USA)
Best Short Film - Bump (Marc Dickerson, USA)
Best Student Film - For Goodness Shakes! (Tyler Merens, USA)
Best Mid-Atlantic Film - Broken On All Sides: Race, Mass Incarceration and
     New Visions for Criminal Justice in the U.S. (Matthew Pillischer, USA)