Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Let Us Talk (Leh Wi Tok)

Radio Moa Market Reporter Jinnah Arumah Kpundeh
Leh Wi Tok is a documentary by returning filmmaker John Lavall, whose film Home Across Lands screened during New Hope's 2010 debut festival. The film profiles radio pioneer Andrew Kromah and his efforts to grow an independent network of community-based radio stations in his home country of Sierra Leone. 

Road to Radio Moa in Kallahun

Amidst flagrant and persistent political harassment plus financial and technical woes, Kromah literally puts his life on the line to bring information to his listeners and offer a platform for disparate and often unheard voices. 

This gorgeous and powerful film is important for anyone who values freedom of expression. You can watch the trailer here: Leh Wi Tok