Friday, May 4, 2012

Dancing on a Volcano

Dancing on a Volcano is the tale of Nadja Hammermann, a young Austrian
Jew. She was a strong-willed artist who, in 1939, came to Paris
seeking exit visas for her family from the Chilean consul general,
Armando Marine. A single kiss was the price Nadja had agreed to pay in
exchange for Armando's help, a kiss that developed into a secret
romance. Armando liberated hundreds of refugees from the Nazis under
Nadja's influence. In 1941, Nadja and Armando left Paris and, through
her great artistic talent, found a future in New York City, where she
became a senior illustrator for the New York Times.

But could love endure a life in exile? Visit the Facebook page for this beautiful documentary to learn more and watch a preview.