Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Subjects of Desire

This probing and thought-provoking documentary explores societal attitudes toward black women as manifested in standards of beauty. 

Canadian Writer/Producer/Director Jennifer Holness, whose filmography includes more than 20 years of film and television production, decided to shed light on this important topic after her daughters raised concerns about systemic bias against black women in the beauty space

As one would expect in a film about beauty, the aesthetic of this project is impressive, as is the impact. Holness provides her audience with a deeper understanding not only of what the culture is insinuating to black women on a daily and oppressive basis, but also why—and where these ideas started. Her narrative combines topical liveliness with an academic's appreciation for history, words and structure, a blend of elements that magnifies the power, discomfort and optimism of the film's message. Like the stunning women it portrays, Subjects of Desire has it all and that, after all, must be the point. 

You can watch the trailer here: Subjects of Desire Trailer