Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Hoy Boys

In our age of polarized press and marketing-driven newsbytes, some people would call it naive to think that journalism professionals once roamed the Earth with a single-minded focus on presenting the unvarnished truth, even if it didn't sit well with them personally. After all, everyone has a bias they could say.

The Hoy Boys hearkens back to an era when news broadcasts were sparse and journalists worked behind firewalls—legal protections, editorial separation from news departments and analogue cameras that captured history, unedited, on film. It may not have been a Golden Age, but that may be the point. Photojournalists Tom and Frank Hoy, the subjects of this excellent biographical film, did not Photoshop our view of their time.

Filmmaker Dave Simonds seems equally interested in capturing his subjects, and this project is richer for it. You can watch the trailer here: The Hoy Boys Trailer