Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Dispensables Nominated for 2011 German Film Critics Award

NHFF's 2010 Danny Award - Best Picture winner, The Dispensables (Die Entbehrlichen), is one of five 2011 German Film Critics nominees for Best Debut Film. The honoree will be announced during this week's uber-prestigious Berlin International Film Festival.

A searing portrayal of a down-and-out family in post-war Germany, The Dispensables stunned our audience at Stephen J. Buck Memorial Theater, and in doing so, the film also captured NHFF's Audience Favorite award in the feature film category. 

New Hope Film Festival's directors are thrilled that underdog helmer Arnstedt is gaining such lofty and mainstream recognition.

Fine Performances by (left to right) Steffi Kuhnert (Silke Weiss), Andre Hennicke (Jurgen Weiss) and Oskar Bokelmann (Jacob Weiss) Mark This Exceptional Indie Debut