Thursday, July 29, 2010

All This and Novels, Too

Shadow Fields Snooker Glen Dasha

Many people who've discovered the New Hope Film Festival don't realize I've been publishing literary novels for almost five years. Two of my novels, Shadow Fields and Dasha, are on the back burner for film adaptations and the third, Snooker Glen, also exists as a screenplay. I have a farcical romantic comedy with the working title Peg on my iMac's hard drive and three more novels in progress, two of which are complete in first draft form.

Although it's the height of summer and I'm taking it pretty easy, no one could accuse me of sloth. For the better part of a year, I put most of the writing on hold to get NHFF off the ground, but now I'm moving ahead with projects.

I spent most of today integrating my film and literary worlds, and I have to say it's an exciting moment! With a new sense of focus and purpose, I'm writing again; and in that spirit, I'm also running a special on the Kindle editions of Dasha (USD $2.99) and Snooker Glen ($4.99). These prices are good through August 31st. If the lower price points attract the kind of readers I want, that is, those who are looking for more than a cheap beach read, I may extend the low-price model indefinitely. I also lowered the Shadow Fields price to $9.99, as no longer requests a price that is 100% in line with the paper version.

If you want to experience the art created by the man behind NHFF's curtain, now is a great opportunity. They're beautifully written and lots of fun, and many say they were, and still will be, prophetic. They were certainly a joy to write, although as living documents, they never feel finished.